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Goat Milk vs Cow Milk, Which One is The Best?

People are becoming more aware of what they consume on a daily basis. They tend to seek for a healthier alternative that is better suited to the needs of their own bodies. As time goes by, more people compare the benefits of consuming goat milk and cow milk. So let’s put this topic in for our discussion this time!

Goat milk is proven to be nutritionally closest to cow milk when compared to other alternatives we have in the market. Yet, it has certain properties that make it different from one and another, which give an impact on the digestibility and health of human beings.

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A lot of people who perceive to have issues with consuming cow milk can opt for goat milk instead. It is reported that people who get symptoms such as eczema, asthma, bloatedness, constipation, and digestive discomfort when drinking cow milk can adapt well when consuming goat milk. It is either the symptoms are reduced or go away altogether. Individuals with mild lactose intolerance are advised to consume goat milk. This is due to the fact that goat milk contains less lactose when compared to cow milk. People with lactose intolerance tend to have a lesser amount of lactase enzyme. This enzyme helps in breaking down lactose into simpler sugars, which are glucose and galactose. These simple sugars are easily absorbed into the bloodstream to fuel up our bodies.

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Since cow milk contains more lactose, individuals with lactose intolerance may have difficulties digesting it. Symptoms like feeling sick, diarrhea, stomach rumbling, and vomiting might occur since the lactose cannot be broken down into smaller particles due to the fact that there is an insufficient amount of enzyme available in the body. In order to overcome this issue, consuming goat milk is one of the alternatives to make these individuals consume it without having any worries afterward.

Furthermore, even though all kinds of milk are made up of water, lactose, fat, protein, and micronutrient, there are several unique properties we could obtain from goat milk when compared to cow milk. Other than causing digestive problems, because of its profile, goat milk is less likely to cause respiratory, and dermatological symptoms for many people.

Another reason to consider goat milk is that it contains plenty of calcium. 3 servings of goat milk which is equivalent to 200 mL servings are sufficient to provide more than 100% of an adult’s daily needs of calcium. Calcium is crucial for the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, helps in supporting muscle function as well as assists in blood clotting. We are well aware that calcium helps in providing energy to our body, hence, all of these benefits that we obtain from milk are very much needed since we are young.

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It is always good to go for better alternatives when consuming food in our daily life. Choosing goat milk would be a better option since it provides even more benefits to our bodies when compared to cow milk. It is important to take good care of our bodies since we are young. We are what we eat, hence, always be wise in making decisions! Stay healthy, friends!

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