Buy Now Remdii Aurora Gentle Protection Series BUY now A pH-balanced formulation that refreshes and revitalises skin in an instant and packed with Advanced Silver (Ag) Actives for extra bacterial protection.
100% NATURAL & PAIN FREE for the whole family! Our products Our laboratory tests showed that no microorganism has been able, to stay alive for more than 10 minutes when exposed directly to colloidal nanosilver.

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Colloidal silver has been used as germicide and antibiotic since ancient times. Silver and its medicinal silver compounds or derivatives (such as silver sulphadiazine) were then developed and widely employed by medical professionals to reduce bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Made from 99.99% pure silver

The significance of silver as an antimicrobial agent has led to the incorporation of silver into dietary supplements and various products such as paint, cosmetic products.

Smallest average particle size: 5-50 nm (nanometers)

Under suitable dosage, it can be used as a natural antibiotic and healing agent, which has antimicrobial functions and plays important functions on immune systems.

The common uses of Aurora Health Silver Skin Spray include:


Most of us have experienced cuts and scratches on certain areas on the surface of the skin.


In general, mostly have experienced pain of ulcer inside the mouth and find difficult to find remedies to treat ulcer.


An ear infection occurs when a bacterial or viral infection affects the middle ear


Burns and scalds are injuries to the skin caused by heat. Burns are caused by dry heat and can recover faster using our products.

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