April 5, 20220

International Women’s Day 2022 Celebration

International Women’s Day was first celebrated on February 28th, 1909, in New York. However, the 1910 International Woman’s Conference later suggested March 8th as an “International Women’s Day.” Thus, each year people from various countries celebrate March 8th as International Women’s Day with love and honour for womanhood.

On March 8th, Remdii and Aurora Health collaborated to organize an evening high-tea celebration with the theme, ‘Women of Nature’ for International Women’s Day. The event was held in the beautiful Xing Zhu Restaurant, Cyberview Resort, and Spa, surrounded by Cyberjaya’s lush greeneries. In addition, 12 honorees were hand-picked by the organizing committee for their stories that were inspiring and exemplary of a women’s power. During the event, honorees shared their journeys, experiences, and achievements of their life.

Our Invited Honorees

The Organizing Director, Ms. Tan Peh Fen opened the event with a speech to welcome the invited honorees and guests. She emphasized the event’s theme being ‘Women of Nature,’ believing that women are like nature; everyone contributes in their unique way, and that contribution should not be taken for granted. Her speech ended with a commemorative video of all invited honorees made by the organizer.

Opening speech by Organizing Director, Ms Tan Peh Fen

Guests were invited to a spread of various light meals, pastries, and desserts before starting the day’s main event.

The sharing sessions of the day started with Professor Datin Paduka Dr. Khatijah Mohamad Yusoff, a household name in the world of Science. She has made outstanding contributions to microbiology, accorded numerous awards both nationally and internationally. She shared her organization’s initiatives to ensure that no gender bias happens and that females have a guaranteed spot in fellowship selections. She ended her sharing by urging guests not to give up and always try to stay on the course of what they want to achieve.

Professor Datin Paduka Dr. Khatijah Mohamad Yusoff

Norisah Bahrom, a former tennis wheelchair Paralympian, continued the event by sharing how her life brought her to her present. She shared her initial struggles and what makes her keep ongoing. Her limitations did not hinder her progress. Instead, they became her strongest suit. Norisah Bahrom said, “Our past failures are not an excuse for us to continue to fail forever. Instead, that failure teaches us how we can become even greater in the future”

Norisah Bahrom

The next session was by Nur Syafinaz, a mother with a solid humanitarian heart. She started giving alms in an effort for the kindness she received to be given to her then-sick daughter. She began by providing food to the nurses and guards every time she visited her daughter in the wards. As her daughter started to get better, the love for giving and voluntary work was nurtured in her heart. So, she founded her volunteering association called PINK Squad. She continued sharing the plans of her association in providing the means for children to get an education and mental health awareness for single mothers. Her story truly brings the meaning of being kind to others do bring kindness back to you.

Nur Syafinaz

The last honoree to share on the day was Professor Dr Lai Oi Ming through a pre-recorded video. She shared about her son being born and diagnosed with eczema and her refusal to rely on steroid-laden creams to help with his pain. As a researcher, she developed a moisturizing cream that improves eczema skin. She also got together with other researchers and formed the Malaysia Eczema Support Community to share eczema struggles and provide comfort and strength to others with a similar situation. Her most immense joy was receiving a picture of a recovering child and a big thank you message. “Never fails to brighten my day”, she said.

Professor Dr Lai Oi Ming

The night ended with a singing performance by honoree Maria Jazsmine, the original singer for the Malaysia Truly Asia promotional campaign. She belted out her sweet voice to the songs “Follow Your Road” and “I’m Every Woman”. Her booming energy lifted the melancholy feel left after the tear-jerking sharing session earlier. With an angel-like voice, she brought every guest to their feet, swaying along to the rhythm of the music.

Maria Jazsmine

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