November 25, 20210

“Aurora Silver Skin Spray” – The first research outcome of TAR UC in the market

Widely researched since the 18th century, silver has been proven to contain natural antibacterial properties to fight against bacterial, fungal and viral infections, making it a highly effective remedy used for wound care management.

Today, colloidal silver –  a form of silver that is suspended in liquid, is rapidly gaining traction for its use in the medical community, dietary supplements and cosmetic products. Healthcare companies in Malaysia have also jumped on the bandwagon to carry out more research on the properties and practical uses of colloidal silver that is beneficial to the community.

“Aurora Silver Skin Spray”, is the brainchild of the research collaboration between TAR UC and Aurora Health Sdn. Bhd. to further develop colloidal silver for medical use. This silver skin spray is a nano-silver formulation that was specially designed in TAR UC’s laboratory and is engineered to kill a broad spectrum of pathogens using 99.99% pure silver and ultra-pure water.

“Our focus is very much on the research aspect. TAR UC started research into colloidal silver (tiny silver particles in liquid) for its antibacterial properties in 2011. After many years of testing and data collection, it showed that pathogens were killed within 5 -10 minutes when exposed directly to the colloidal silver solution, even at a very low concentration of less than 4ppm”, said Assoc. Prof. Dr Loke Chui Fung, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, TAR UC, who is the principal researcher for this project.

Aside from its antibacterial properties, the “Aurora Silver Skin Spray” also helps accelerate the healing process of wounds including mild burn cases.

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