Aurora Silver Skin Spray Refill Pack (90ml)


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Introducing Aurora Health Silver Skin Spray Refill pack! Each refill pack contains 90 ml of spray, that’s 3X more than one silver spray bottle.

Our Aurora Health Silver Skin Spray is 100% NATURAL. It provides SAFE antimicrobial and immune system support with the following characteristics:

  • Made from 99.99% pure silver
  • Ultra-pure water other than silver particles
  • Light and Easy to Carry

The common usage of Aurora Health Silver Skin Spray include:

  • Enhance skin integrity
  • Help reduce skin redness

Laboratory Tested that is Virtually Tasteless, Non-toxic, and Stable.

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Weight 90 g

1 review for Aurora Silver Skin Spray Refill Pack (90ml)

  1. tan

    I have bought the silver spray in bottle and bought this refill pack after it finished. It saves money and silver spray is really good for wounds and ulcer

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